The Percolator Effect

we will be looking at the interesting effects of a percolator.

Through an illustrated video, we will learn what a percolator does, how it’s to be
used and what is a percolator effect.

Before we go into the details, here are the basics:
A water pipe percolator can be considered as a small additional chamber that is
placed within the shaft of the pipe/bong.

The primary function of this percolator is to provide a cooling effect on the smoke
through smoke-water interaction. This process provides heat exchange thro
dissolution and hence minimizes health hazards.

Percolators are available is different forms such as pedestal, dome and tree.
The purpose of all kinds of percolators is to provide another layer of filtering the
smoke – through water.

Bongs use the diffuser effect, which works by utilizing the difference between the
pressure at the bottom and the top outlets. The difference in pressure at the
outlet is due to the suction by the user’s lungs. The fluid at the inlet which is a
mixture of smoke, vapor and water begins to drift towards the bottom of the
water, where the pressure of the water causes the mixture to break into small air
bubbles. The bubbles then flow through the water and raise at the outlet; thus
getting cooled and purified by water simultaneously.

In this video, we illustrate the tree percolator through a beaker water bong:

As you can notice, the tobacco is lightly packed to allow free air flow. The bong
has been filled with water and the flame is lit as it is being gently drawn by our
user through steady whiffs.

Once the tobacco starts burning, the smoke begins to fill the beaker at the
bottom, and the diffusion process begins at the percolator.

Watch closely, as the percolator instantly begins the cooling-cum filtering
process. The smoke from the bottom chamber begins to gather in the upper shaft
of the pipe, now visibly cleaner and cooler. Pause the video at 0:40 for a moment
to see the difference the percolator can make! The smoke at the upper shaft is as
white as snow when compared to the bottom chamber.

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