Glass Pipes & Glass Bongs

Glass pipes and glass bongs are a much smoother hit than metal pipes and plastic bongs. Don’t smoke out of metal, glass pipes and glass bongs actually bring out the flavor in your tobacco or herbs. These are some of the best percolators bongs, ash catchers, six arm down stems, bong diffusers, glass pipes, glass bongs, and glass water pipes on the market today. The best combinations of the best hand crafted precoolers and inline ash catchers, at an online head shop, have been put together to give you the best smoking experience known to man. When you hit these glass pipes and glass bongs it’s like smoking directly from a piece of art-work in a museum.

These glass pipes and glass bongs are going to last you a lifetime, they are made with quality and your smoking in mind. Our in house glass blowers have years of experience and have made thousands of glass pipes and bongs. Our glass blowers have put these combinations together to accommodate you as a smoker. They have combined these sets of glass pieces together with your pleasures in mind. We want to give you glass pipes and glass bongs that you can enjoy.